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16 € reduction in the HP50g Blue
2 HP41cL on offer
3D Printing - not good enough!
3D Printing link
3D printing - examples
3D side cover
3 more HP41cl circuits here!
500 messages!
5 dias para el final de la oferta
A Casio in HP livery - the HP300s+
A HP15c reissue - but not the real deal
A HP17bII-type solver for the HP50g
A HP 54201D oscilloscope
A Time module to go with a HP41CL
A boxed HP41CL and the HP19bII collectors' set
A brief description of the HP41CL
A comparison between HP 17bII, HP 17bII+ gold and HP 17bII+ silver
A comprehensive HP literature site!
A couple of HP97
A couple of audio-related products
A couple of speed tests and some more comments on the new HP12c
A curiosity on the Prime and a Time machine module
A half-nut "C" HP41 unit !
A hint for the HP 41CL
A lot of HP17bII+
A method to calculate Pi using Pythagoras' theorem: one solution for HP41c
A method to calculate pi based on Pythagoras theorem
A new Zebra batch has arrived
A new product for HP41c repair
A new product may be coming...
A new repair method being tested for lower post of HP41c
A new set of cables available.
A new solution for broken back sides of HP41c
A new time module on sale in a few days
A new watch - and an old one...
A nice collection of HP12c in the web
A penny for your thoughts
A rare, non HP, ultra-old calculator
A repair solution for the back side of the HP41c family
A tip on the HP15c official emulator
A tip to use Prime in your business
A trace mode "accountant type" for the HP 50g
About the HPCC Journal
Absolute beginners' guide to the HP Prime
Adventures with the HP41CL and the %T function..
An attractive moment for calculator lovers
An early HP41C converted to CL
An emulator for the new HP300s+
An eventful week
An important advice concerning Streamsmart 410 and Fourier Probes
An offer on the HP39gII
And Finally...there are here !!!
...And the same method for the HP Prime!
Another HP Prime site
Another gift idea: the HP85A
Any difficulties in upgrading HP Prime?
Arrived more Spice battery holders
Assembled flex and standalone flex circuits back in stock
Assigning percentage keys to the HP Prime
Astronomy for HP Calculators
At long, long last...The HP15c Limited Edition Arrives !!
Available Fourier Probes
Available HP41CL units - and time modules!
Back from Holidays
Back from holidays...
Back to the office!
Base formulae project
Base formulae project (2)
Base formulae project (3)
Battery adaptor for Spice series calculators (HP31E, HP32E, HP33R/C, HP34C, HP37E, HP38E/C)
Battery adaptors for other calculators
Battery bay for classic calculators
Battery bay repair piece
Battery module for broken calculator backs
Battery pack for HP printers and HP92, HP97 machines
Black Friday - day one: HP41cv and HP41cx at rock-bottom prices!
Black Friday - day two: more offers
Black HP17bII
Black and Scholes for the different HP calculators
Bode plotting app for HP Prime
Broken HP41c back repair manual with 3D piece
Broken back piece vs integrated "flat" assembly battery part
Buying calculators in internet sites
Buying second hand
Buying used calculators - sad stories 1
CHOOSE() menu function for HP Prime
CL circuits in!
Calcpad 200 discontinued in our web
Calculator Gift ideas for Christmas
Calculator repair
Calculator repair - Adhesive conductive tape
Calculator repair - spare parts
Calculators and the MoMA in New York
Calculators for the Iphone 5
Card reader available!
Card reader repair
Card reader repair for HP41c
Card reader side locks prototypes
Change in focus in reference to the HP41CL
Changes in the battery assembly
Clamshell and Pioneer Repairs - first comments
Clarification on HP41CL pricing
Classic AAA charger
Classic AAA charger - prototype 2
Classic charger
Classic charger substitution
Clean your HP41c case!!!
Collector's Pack
Comments on HP41CL troubleshooting
Comments on HP41c battery repair kit
Comments on Prime's new firmware
Continuation on new repair aid piece
Convert HP15c in a financial calculator - in addition to be one of the best scientific there were!
Corrosion on battery contacts
Considerations on leather cases: the HP41c
Court success HP15c
Currency Exchange for the HP41CL
Current projects
Customizing the HP Prime
Customizing the HP Prime for Business use (II)
Customizing your Prime for business use (I)
·D printing HP 41c ports
Date functions for the HP Prime
Development priorities
Differences between Prime revision A and C
Different behavior between different number formats in RPN mode in Home
Different colors for the Voyager true leather cases
Different keyboards in new HP12c
EOL HP300s+ !!
Eddie Shore's blog - now video tutorials
Equation library for the HP Prime
Equation library program analyzed
Error in book corrected
Even more memory in a HP15c LE?
Even more tips on repairing calculators
Feet arrived!
Feet for Coconuts and Voyagers
Final post on statistical distributions on HP Prime
Finally got a HP27s!
Financial calculators
First appearance on print of TheCalculatorStore
First contact with the HP12c
First leather case tests for HP12c calculators!!
First run of Voyager cases finished!
First steps with Smartstream 410 and HP Prime
Flex circuit installation for the HP41c calculators
Four new products
Fourier Probes
Function library in the HP Prime - very similar to the HP50g's
Further pictures of the backside repair pieces
Games for the HP Prime
Games for the HP Prime
Goertz speaker cables
Good things coming next year!
Guarantee for HP calculators explained
HHP Eprom programmer in card reader case
HP-IB vintage Lab
HP12c Anniversary .
HP12c Anniversary - European shipment
HP12c is back
HP12c is back II
HP12c out of stock
HP12c solver for polynomial expressions
HP12c versions
HP12c vs HP17bII comparison? Maybe
HP15CL battery bug
HP15c LE emulator
HP15c Limited Edition arrived
HP15c Limited Edition manual
HP15c Warranty repairs
HP15c and HP41CL
HP15c book
HP15c book - II
HP15c clone coming back - but now with a competitive advantage!
HP15c finally arrived to our warehouse
HP16c compatibility module for HP41C-CL
HP17bII+ - more...
HP17bII as the best all around financial calculator
HP17bII as the best all around financial calculator
HP1CL is over!
HP35s Appreciation
HP39gII - collectible?
HP41CL and time module
HP41CL back in!
HP41CL with Time Module
HP41c Repair Spree !
HP41c Repair book
HP41c case sponges
HP41c models in our website
HP41c repairs!
HP41c types of repair
HP41c upper post repair
HP41cl no more...
HP41cl, time module and battery pack
HP45 Easter Egg
HP4c feet for free on orders >40€
HP50g Blue no more!
HP50g appreciation
HP50g for finance - an engineer lost in a world of hp12cs!
HP54201D mixed signal oscilloscope available again
HP54501a repaired
HP82104A Card reader repair
HP85 memories
HP 15c LE last production run.
HP 17bII+ vs HP19bII
HP 300s+ has arrived
HP 41CL - offer
HP 41CL Appreciation
HP 41C repair kit
HP 41c battery bay repair kit
HP 41c battery bay repair kit
HP 50g vs HP Prime (I)
HP 54501a oscilloscope
HP 8591E Spectrum Analyzer
HP Financial calculators
HP Guarantee
HP Operating Environment limits - HP15c Limited Edition
HP Prime
HP Prime - Possibilities at school
HP Prime - equation systems basics
HP Prime -planet orbits
HP Prime, BCD and binary
HP Prime Firmware Update
HP Prime Firmware Update
HP Prime (G8X92AA) available again
HP Prime iOS app!!
HP Prime in secondary education
HP Prime information sources
HP Prime loading program procedure
HP Prime: more information
HP Prime pro
HP Prime's wireless kit
HP Prime settings storing and retrieving
HP Prime user keys
HP Prime versions and Streamsmart 410
HP Repair book
HP SmartCalc 300s review
HP and the educational market
HP calculator repair
HP current scientific calculators
HP infrared printer module
HP instruments coming
HP official emulators
HP official news about Prime!
HP original Thermal Printer paper
HP's own website for the HP Prime
HP vintage calculators prices in Europe
Higher 3D printing prices
Horses for Courses
How I have configured my HP15c for financial duties (II)
How I have configured my HP15c for financial duties (III)
How I have configured my HP15c for financial duties (IV)
How I have configured my HP 15c for financial duties
How to create your own HP41CL
How to make your Prime programs not dependent of the HP Prime number settings
How to promote Prime (and not only in the school)
How to really learn more about the Prime
How to replace a HP41c screen
How to treat your HP Calculator
I found it!
I have lost my HP 15c LE !
Ideas for a HP41c module
If you always envied the young look of your colleague's Casios and Texas...
Ineresting app for the HP Prime and more Prime software
Initialization HP41CL - and some problem solving
Interesting units arriving!!!
Interesting video about HP graphical calculators
Inverting a Matrix in HP Prime in RPN (basic!)
Just received more zebra circuits
Just received my first 30b - first impressions
Just received the HP67 !!!
Last HP12c Anniversary and HP15c Limited Edition!
Last HP41CL units!
Leather cases for most significant calculators
Mac Prime Emulator
Manual for Battery-port assembly
Measure conversion facility for the HP-41CL
Monthly closing with the HP17bII - some comments
More Fourier Probes for the HP Prime
More HP15c
More HP19bII
More about Prime
More about the HP17bII
More about the HP41 CL
More about the Multi-Language software for the HP50g
More about the leather case for voyagers
More comments on the HP12c keyboards
More comments on the HP Prime
More information on the HP54501a oscilloscope
More musings on the HP 41CL
More news about the site
More news on HP Calculators
More news on the HP15c...
More on Equations for the HP Prime
More on the HP97 - 2 for sale
More on the HP 12c Platinum
More pictures of the new zebra prototype
More places to find Prime software
More random number generator according to different statistical distributions for HP Prime
More repair tips for HP calculators
More speed comparisons for the different versions of HP17bII
More tutorials for the HP Prime
More units of HP41CL
More videos on graphical calculators
Musings on headphones and earphones
My HP calculator history (I)
My configuration for the HP41CL
My other passion
NPV and IRR on the HP Prime
N.O.S. power supply for HP82240B
Navigation Pac
New Firmware for the HP Prime - version 7820
New Fourier Probe list.
New HP12c set
New HP15c LE batch arrived
New HP41CL batch in production
New HP41CLs available
New HP41CV units!
New HP41c repair kits!
New HP50g vs Classic 15c
New HP Models
New HP calculators: HP smartcalc 300s+ and HP10s+
New Prime
New Prime Firmware beta!
New Prime firmware coming!
New Prime, freezing and guarantee
New Product: 4 x back case repair piece!
New Product: True leather Pioneer case
New Service - second hand equipment market
New articles for this Christmas tree
New batch of springs
New connectivity and virtual Prime calculator software!
New design in for testing
New drop-in solution for port and battery connector
New firmware for the HP Prime
New firmware for the HP Prime
New flashing service
New items in the HP41c corner
New low post part
New modules for HP41CL and some changes
New product: 10nF capacitor for HP41c
New products
New products and some coming back!
New products coming
New products in development - part 1
New products in the web
New springs for HP41c, Woodstock battery case
New tall keys HP41c arrived, to be converted into HP41CL!
New time functions in HP Prime
New units coming in
New upper and lower post pieces
New version of wp34s: 3.3
New video tutorials for HP50g, HP12c
New website logo!
New zebra development!
News for HP41CL users
News from Moravia
News on HP Prime equipment
No HP15c for Christmas
Notice about StreamSmart 410 and HP50g
Now TheCalculatorStore is visible on your smartphone
Now on sales - the zebra replacement!
Number theory and HP Prime
Offer HP Prime and other calcs
Offers for Black Friday - 2
Offers for Black Friday - 1
Offers on HP Prime old models elsewhere
Official Emulator for the HP39GII
Old HP calculators and programming quality
One more HP15c
Ownership Pride and Hewlett Packard calculators
PPC ROM Module
Playing with the HP Prime
Possibility of a new product - query to customers
Prime - news
Prime Emulator
Prime Firmware Comments
Prime firmware update 2
Prime new firmware (II)
Prime: some pictures off an emulator
Printer paper for HP calculator printers
Programming the HP41CL - some comments.
Questions about the new pieces for repair
ROM upgrade for the HP39GII
RPN Spreadsheet behaviour
RPN and the HP19bII
RPN calculator for Macs
RPN or not?
Ramblings about technical issues of scientific new calculators
Ran out of HP41CV
Rechargeable batteries for HP41
Register Arithmetic on the 12c
Register arithmetic on the HP15c
Repair in old HPs - things to avoid
Repair kit is back
Repair kits back again!
Repair kits back in stock
Repair of HP41c posts - some ideas
Repair service for HP41C
Repair your calculator during the lock down!
Repairing HP old multimeters
Repairing calculators
Repairing the rusting battery bay of HP41c.
Reprogramming a HP12c into an HP15c
Restoring your HP65
Return to the HP 17bII+
Same for the new Sandmath 2x2
Sandmath 4x4 fix for %T (same as for Sandmath 2x2 previously)
Scientific Calc's Collector's Pack
Scratches in HP calculator screens
Screen tab menus on the HP Prime
Screws for Coconut calculators
Screws for Coconut calculators
Selling in Pounds!
Several HP41cv and cx - Half nut!!
Shady Calculator Stories
Shipping included for Prime!
SmartStream 410 and HP Prime training program
Some challenges with the new firmware
Some interesting links for HP Prime
Some more blue HP50g
Some more pictures of the other colors for Voyager cases
Some news
Some news on HP calculators
Some press reactions to the HP12c, HP15c reissues
Some speed tests comparing old and new HP 15 LE
Some things I did not know about the Spice battery holder
Some tips on iPad
Spaces for repair
Spice battery cover
Sponge for HP41c case
Statistical Distributions in HP Prime
Statistical distributions for the HP Prime - 2
Stay tuned for our next offering
Success of new HP41c repair methods
Suggestions for a change in HP17bII+
Tall keys, low serial number HP41CL
Testing HP41C with oscilloscope
Testing card reader side locks
Testing repaired HP41C
Tetris in the HP50g
The DM-15cc HP15c clone arrived
The HP10bII+
The HP10bII
The HP10bII+ - a different animal from previous models
The HP12c Anniversary is now in stock !!
The HP12c "Gold" is back !!!
The HP12c Platinum
The HP16c Emulator (I)
The HP19BII back door
The HP30b
The HP39GII is coming!
The HP41CL - our first conversion
The HP41c repair kit is back!
The HP41c repair kit stock finished in 4 hours
The HP48SX
The HP50g as a financial tool (II)
The HP82240B Infrared Printer
The HP85 and my 7 year old
Our sister site
The HP 41CL Calculator
The HP 41CL is back!
The HP Prime
The HP Prime Finance app
The HP view on education - some interesting aspects
The Kinomi Project
The Prime for solving problems at school - one example close to me
The Psion Series 5 - part 1
The TVM formula
The WP 34s is back!
The amazing HP17bII financial calculator - 1
The beauty of RPN
The calculator as a gift.
The calculator as a gift 2
The future of HP Calculators
The hp Prime at school.
The humble HP10bII+
The life goes on...
The mighty HP42s
The new HP10bII+ has arrived!
The new HP10s+
The new HP39GII has arrived!!
The new HP41c from Swissmicro
The new Scientific Calculators from HP - part one
The new programming language Swift
The original HP15C: the best HP product ever?
The problem with ordering bulk in China
Time functions for HP Prime
Time module in HP41CL
Time module on sale
Tomcat battery prototype
Tomcat battery prototype
Transport costs and cash-back offer
True leather case for the HP12c
True leather cases?
Tutorials for HP15c
Two more HP41CL assembled
Two new HP 41CL alive!
Two new old HP19bII
Three new products in the making
Two old leather cases for HP calculators - they even had a part number!
Two units of HP15C - Limited Edition
Types of current HP12c
Unknow module overlay
Updating your HP 41CL
Use of menus when programming the HP Prime
Use this java emulator...
Valentín Albillo's programs ROM (1)
Valentin Albillo's new site
Video Tutorials for Prime and 41CL
Voyager cases - how the colors really look
WP 34s just born
Where is the sun in the Lofoten Island? Ask your Prime
Which calculator to take with you on a 2 weeks' holiday?
Why have we started producing the Voyager leather cases? or look at HP's late cases disaster!
Why using a handheld calculator nowadays - part I
Why using a handheld calculator nowadays - part II
Woodstock battery bay
Working with hours, min and seconds in HP Prime
Wsih list for Moravia-Royal
X-Functions and X-Memory
Yet another Easter egg in the HP50g
Yet another method for Pi - this time from the outside!
You can now order the Battery-ports assembly!
Zebra connectors for HP
Zebra may go alone
Zebras for HP41c
Zebras for the HP41c
black HP17bII
calculators for travel - some ideas
corroded connections
hp30b and wp34s - disappearing?
hp41 battery repair pack
hp 19bII - back battery door
latest HP15c LE vs. HP41CL
more info about the HP41CL
more pictures of the leather case for the HP Pioneer series.
new firmware 8151 for HP Prime
new zebra PCB
offers for Black Friday - 3
screw set for HP41c series
second attempt to card reader side lock
stop new firmware install!
tips on using the HP41c repair kit
to do list
tricks for units use in HP Prime
wp34s - last donors
wp34s - part 1
zebra utilization
Start up a new blog

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