Classic Calculators

Classic Calculators

Classic Calculators

HP designed the first portable scientific calculator with transcendent functions -the HP35- in 1973 . From there on, the HP laboratories created (in different locations) the best calculators during 20 years. HP was synonymous with advanced design, quality and reliability. They were standard equipment on the Space Shuttle, in Concorde, in nuclear submarines...

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New HP41c Lower Post Repair Kit

Product no.: Lower Post Repair Kit

Set of pieces needed to repair successfully the lower posts of HP41C, 41CV and 41CX full nut calculators, including zebra connectors, lower post part, and keyboard support for clothes' pegs to protect the keyboard

55.00 *
Old price 62.00 €
In stock

New HP41c side cover

Product no.: Side Cover

HP41c side cover.

8.00 *
In stock

New HP41c Port cover - 3D

Product no.: Port cover 3D

HP41c back port cover - 3D, new - set of 4.

30.00 / 4 piece(s) *
In stock

New HP12C battery cover

Product no.: HP12c cover

Battery cover for HP12C (for 3 LR44 battery original model)

12.00 *
In stock

HP 17BII original - USED

Product no.: HP 17bII - USED

Original HP17bII calculator. Excellent state. Original cover. Works with both Algebraic and RPN

sold out

50.00 *

New HP17bII - black - used

Product no.: HP17bII - Black - USED

Original HP17bII calculator. Excellent state. Original cover. Includes English manual. Works with both Algebraic and RPN

Rare BLACK colour - see pictures compared with the normal one

sold out

75.00 *

HP 18c Business Consultant - USED

Product no.: HP 18c - USED

The HP-18C was HP's first RPL-based calculator even though this model was not user programmable. The user did have a solver (another HP first) available, and is very similar to the HP19BII, but missing RPN logic.


sold out

150.00 *

HP 17bII+old - USED

Product no.: HP17bII+old - USED

This calculator was the intermediate step between the current HP 17bII and the old, Pioneer-style HP 17bII. Main differences with the original are increased memory (up to 28 kb), and the currency exchange menu. There is as well the "key feel": while both have good tactile feedback and never miss a key, some called "hollow" the keyboard touch of the 17bII+

The calculator is in perfect shape, with some dust specs in the screen (already there when I bought it). However, the pouch is a little bit "battered" - see enclosed pictures.

61.52 *
In stock

HP 85 computer - USED

Product no.: HP 85A - USED

Complete HP-85(A) Computer. The tape drive has been substituted with a QIC new drive. 2 new tapes with software are supplied + 2 new blank tapes. The rubbers of the printer have been changed as well, although there is a clear area in the printout - see picture.
All keys work well and the screen is sharp. The set includes an additional memory card of 16 bit and a rom drawer.

It includes a rare transport case -see pictures (it is "a portable computer", in a way ;-))

650.00 *
In stock

X-Functions module for HP41c/cv - USED

Product no.: HP 5061-5256 - USED
50.00 *
In stock

Time module for HP 41c/vc calcs - USED

Product no.: HP 82182A - USED

Time module for HP 41c/vc calcs 

English 155.00 *
In stock

Surveying I module - USED

Product no.: Surveying module USED

HP Surveying module - tested

40.00 *
In stock

Black Pioneer case

Product no.: PionCaseBlk
Case for Pioneer series calculators (hp 17bII, hp 42s, etc.) Also available in brown in a separate article
15.00 *

New Repair kit for HP-41c battery bay and expansion ports

Product no.: Flex-PCB

Adhesive circuit for the often damaged flexible PCB in the battery bay (and I/O ports) of the HP-41c range of calculators. Shipping included in price.

30.00 *
In stock

HP Charger

Product no.: HP Charger

HP Original charger in excellent shape, valid for HP41c, HP67, HP92, HP97, and printers HP82162A (HP-IL) and HP82143A

English 40.00 *

HP 42S Scientific Calculator - USED

Product no.: HP 42S - USED

From Wikipedia, the free enciclopedia: The HP-42S is a programmable RPN Scientific hand held calculator introduced by Hewlett Packard in 1988. It has advanced functions suitable for applications in mathematics, linear algebra, statistical analysis, computer science and others.

This unit includes user's manual (English or Spanish - your choice), vinyl case and original box with inner plastic.

320.00 *

X-Memory module for HP41c/cv - USED

Product no.: HP XMemory

Extended Memory for HP41c, HP41cv and HP41cx calculators 

55.00 *

Memory module for HP41c - USED

Product no.: HP Memory

Memory for HP41c calculators (64 registers)

15.00 *

User Manual for HP41c/cv - English

Product no.: Manual HP41c

25.00 *

HP 19bII - back door

Product no.: HP 19bII - back door

At its time, it was the pinnacle of financial calculators. Its 4 lines made it much more user friendly than its smaller sibling, the HP 17bii

The bII version handled RPN (while the 19b and 18c did not)

This is the rare, sought after back door model (see pictures). Comes with an excellent User Manual


150.00 *


Product no.: HP12c used

The HP-12C is HP's longest and best-selling product, in continual production since its introduction in 1981. Due to its simple operation for key financial calculations, the calculator long ago became the de facto standard among financial professionals – for example, most investment banks issue HP-12Cs to the members of each incoming class of its investment banking analysts and associates.

This unit is USED and it is in good condition

English 50.00 *
In stock

HP41CL Install

Product no.: HP41CL Instalación

Installation and set up of HP41CL module in your HP41C, CV or CX

480.00 *
In stock

HP82104A Card Reader

Product no.: Card reader

HP82104A Card Reader for HP41c family

90.00 *

Quad Memory module for HP41c - USED

Product no.: HP Quad Memory

Quad Memory for HP41c calculators (256 registers)

35.00 *
In stock

Assembly kit for HP-41c battery bay and expansion ports

Product no.: Flex-PCB Assembly

Parts for battery-back port module repair kit, or module assembled for the often damaged flexible PCB in the battery bay (and I/O ports) of the HP-41c range of calculators. Shipping included in price for EU customers. Please choose option!

New price: cheaper circuit translating to 10% lower price!

55.00 *
In stock

New HP 17BII original - in box - USED

Product no.: HP 17bII in box

Original HP17bII calculator. Excellent state. Original cover, box and manual. Works with both Algebraic and RPN

sold out

100.00 *

Full-nut processor

Full-nut processor - please select C or CV type, or installation in your machine

25.00 *

New HP41c Port cover - original

Product no.: Port cover

HP41c back port cover - original and used.

15.00 *
In stock

New zebra connector holder

Product no.: zebraholder

Zebra Holder to keep the elastomeric zebra connectors in the contacts between main board and processor circuit in the HP41c calculator family, full nut versions.

12.00 *
In stock

HP41C/CV/CX repair

Product no.: 41cRepair
50.00 *
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1 - 30 of 46 results