The HP12c Corner

The HP12c is the longest running product of HP, made without interruption from 1981 until today. It has been the standard calculator model in the financial world since then. Its calculations are taken as "true" on financial discussions. The latest version is 150 times faster than the original model, but still all programs made are fully compatible.

We thought it deserves its own space in our web - there are many users that still keep it on their pocket or their table for everyday use, and that would profit from using it to its limits.


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New Collector's Financial Calculator Pack+15c

Product no.: Financial Pack+15c

350.00 *
In stock

12c Platinum Financial Calculator

69.95 *
Old price 74.95 €

New HP12C battery cover - new model

Product no.: HP12c cover[1]

16.00 *
Old price 17.00 €
In stock

New HP12C battery cover

Product no.: HP12c cover

9.00 *
Old price 12.00 €
In stock

Data cable for HP calculators

Product no.: POGOcable

40.00 *
In stock
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How to use Time Value of Money - Loans

A detailed explanation on how to use the Time Value of Money (TPV) in the HP12c, for loan calculations


Some comments about the HP12c and the HP12c Platinum and its differences.