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Apart from the User Manual, we have several sites devoted to the HP Prime. Being the future of HP graphical calculators, we have to assume that these sites will multiply over the coming months. HP has really bet a lot in the student market (not only with the HP Prime, but as part of a fully fledged strategy with different prongs. 

Lets start with Eddie W. Shore's blog. Eddie is a university professor in California, a calculator lover that has a wide collection of calculators, and who has prepared several well documented tutorials for some HP calculators, including the HP 15c and the HP 50g. (He has even been a customer of this shop - a honour for us). Lately he has started to write programming tutoriasl for the HP Prime, and he's going aleady by its fourth installment. He has as well some Prime calculator tips that can help you in getting the best from the calculator. All in all, a required site for the maths professor that wants to get the maximum out of his Prime (there are also discussions about mathematics at diverse levels - very interesting indeed)

Prime Programming Tutorial - 1

Prime Programming Tutorial - 2

Prime Programming Tutorial - 3

Prime Programming Tutorial - 4

Prime Programming Tutorial - 5a

Prime Programming Tutorial - 6a

Prime Programming Tutorial - 6b

Prime Programming Tutorial - 7

Prime - CAS commands in Home mode

There is an european site devoted to the HP graphical calculators: , that has a specific page for the HP Prime: HP Prime Links and Resources . Aimed mainly to the professor segment, it has mathematic tutorials aimed tosecundary advanced students.

The site (that has always been the reference site for the HP48-49-50g family, with an enormous depth and width of programs and documents), has opened several Prime pages for different applications. All can bbe accessed fro the front page. 

The French site, specialized in Texas Instruments calculators, has too some pages deoted to Casio and HP calculators - among them, one specifically devoted to the HP PRime. at this point in time, is not too populated, but it will sure grow with time:  Programmes Pour la HP Prime. You can find in it the story of firmware that has been pbulish (should you dare to experiment with something other than the very latest)

As an example of the programs, you have a game: Tunnel: Tunnel para Prime

Finally, we will be publishing both programs, tips and documents in the pages below, as we can produce or get them

Some articles for better comprehension and programming of the HP Prime:

HP Prime Programming: Variable types and their priorities


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HP Prime

Product no.: HP Prime


New version G8X92AA !!  The only one that can accept the wireless dongle and the SmartStream 410 with Fourier Probes

HP Prime is the first color touch screens in the industry that today’s gadget savvy students can easily interact with.  

We are currently shipping this model all around Europe

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SmartStream 410

Product no.: NW278AA

Designed for use in math and science classes, the StreamSmart 410 connects real- world data to a student’s graphing calculator, with accurate and immediate real-time streaming.

Suited for use in a wide range of subjects, including: math, science, pre-algebra, algebra, trigonometry/pre-calculus, calculus, statistics, earth science, environmental science, physical science, physics, biology, and chemistry.

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Wireless kit for HP Prime

Product no.: F0K65AA

Improve classroom interactivity and make learning easier with the HP Prime Wireless Kit,
which allows teachers to wirelessly push and pull content between the teacher PC and up to 30 HP Prime Graphing Calculators in a single classroom. Create and edit programs, exam configurations, and data sets on the teacher PC and send polls to and receive them from student calculators. View and project individual student calculator screens to the entire class.


550.00 € / 30 piece(s) *

Fourier Probes

Product no.: Probes

A full range of probes specifically designed to work with HP's Mobile Lab: Smartstream 410 + HP Prime or HP50g

English 9.00 € *

HP Prime + SmartStream 410

Product no.: Prime+Smartstream

HP Prime + SmartStream 410: the basis to create your own laboratory! 

You only need one or more Fourier probes with their cables to begin measuring!

Free delivery in the European Union



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