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Product no.: stax3D

Replacement part for the often broken side of stax headband. Diameter of the earpiece side pins = 3.3mm (newer Stax and old stax have different diameters - please check yours  with a caliper before ordering).

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Product no.: VerionCotter

Legendary Verion (Cotter) Step Up Transformer Mk 1, type P (for very low impedance cartridges: 2-30 ohm)

Working perfectly - cosmetically shows wear.

Tested: see frequency response of both channels (1st picture: left channel; 2nd picture: right channel): effective bandwidth > 75 kHz. Frequency plot with device output not terminated with 47kohm resistor which may explain the peak at 75kHz.

Configured for 24.2dB gain (16.28x gain): valid for very low output MC cartridges.

Comes with output shielded original cable.

Printed operating sheet included.

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In stock

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