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HP Prime Tutorials and documents

HP Prime Tutorials and documents

Information, links and documentation related to the new HP Prime


HP Newsletter

The official magazine for HP calculator lovers

Articles Valentín Albillo

Interesting articles from very particular angles on HP calculators


A page with links to pdfs of all HP Journal numbers!

At the end of the page there is an excel file with all the articles per issue published. This file has been compiled by HP


HP Keynotes was a publication of the Corvallis Division, and was published from 1977 to 1982 during 21 issues. It gave information on new products, programming tips, programming libraries and it was sent to customers of the division and subscribers. It had less pages than the HP Journal and its articles were less in depth than his brother newspaper.

HP Catalogs

Links to many HP product catalogs (beware - documents have many pages and hence are very heavy)

HP 50g Tutorial videos - English

Here we show different tutorial sets published by HP enthusiasts

Other HP calc related videos

Some interesting HP calculator related videos

Advanced manuals

Advanced Manuals for diverse calculators

why RPN? - and how to use it

A short description about RPN and why it is better for you and I

Self tests

Self Test for different HP calculators

HP15c Tutorials

HP15c Programming Tutorials from Eddie´s Math and Calculator Blog

Diverse DIY

The page includes information on repair, cleaning, interfaces and improvements to HP calculators
hp50g - Other tutorials

hp50g - Other tutorials

Here is a list of differennt tutorials for the HP50g - from HP and other sources

Other Calculator Tutorials

Other tutorials from different sources

HP41c service module manual

HP41c - cv -cx Service manual

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38g Serial interface kit user's guide MAC

Product no.: 38g SIK manual MAC
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38g Serial interface kit user's guide

Product no.: 38g SIK manual Windows
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Time Module Manual - English

Product no.: Manual Time module

Time module Manual - English

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HP-IL Manual - Spanish

Product no.: Manual HP-IL

HP-IL Manual - Español

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