The standard in scientific calculators. The line starting on the hp 35 - hp 65 - hp 67 - hp 41c - hp 15c - hp 35s is the workhorse of the scientific and engineering profession since 1973. RPN programming and key entering makes them extremely fast to use when compared with algebraic entry, and just 15' with it will spoil you for life.

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HP 42S Scientific Calculator - USED

Product no.: HP 42S - USED[2]

From Wikipedia, the free enciclopedia: The HP-42S is a programmable RPN Scientific hand held calculator introduced by Hewlett Packard in 1988. It has advanced functions suitable for applications in mathematics, linear algebra, statistical analysis, computer science and others.

This unit includes the original vinyl case (with a nick in the back side) and a true leather case.

325.00 *
In stock

Complete HP41CL

HP41CL with the latest version of Systemyde circuit


699.00 *

HP 15c Limited Edition

Product no.: NW250AA

Currently not available

The intelligent design of the HP 15c Scientific Calculator facilitates portability and convenience, ensuring that your 15c is always handy, and incorporates RPN mode, simplifying data entry. The 15c provides what engineers and scientists rely upon: complex number calculations, matrix operations, numerical integration and root solving. For the collector, the Limited Edition 15c presents an opportunity to own a classic HP calculator that has not been available for over 20 years.

275.00 *


Product no.: NW277AA

The new HP scientific calculator, with advanced features like simultaneous equations, GCF/LCM, advanced statistics with easy tabular data entry, and up to 315 different functions


Not available anymore - until new production.

25.00 *

New HP10s+

Product no.: NW276AA

User-friendly design, easy-to-read display and a wide range of algebraic, trigonometric, probability and statistics functions for your Math and Science classes


Not available anymore - until new production comes

20.00 *

HP41CL Install

Product no.: HP41CL Instalación

Installation and set up of HP41CL module in your HP41C, CV or CX

Assembled HP-41c battery bay and expansion ports module Flat

Product no.: Flex-PCB AssembledFlat

Assembled module for the often damaged flexible PCB in the battery bay (and I/O ports) of the HP-41c range of calculators. Shipping included in price for EU customers.

This is the FLAT version, when the screw head domes are broken and grinded down - see pictures.

New price: cheaper circuit translating to 10% lower price!

55.00 *
In stock
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