The HP15C corner

The HP15C corner

The HP-15C is a high-end scientific pocket calculator with a root-solver and numerical integration. A member of Hewlett-Packard Voyager series of programmable calculators, it was produced between 1982 and 1989. The calculator is able to handle complex numbers and matrix operations, it has also solver and integration routines. The processor used the then new technology of Silicon on Sapphire that allowed ultra-low consumption. The 3 button batteries provided often lasted decades!

For many users, it is the pinnacle of HP calculator engineering together with the HP42s. Due to its popularity, and based on the then-new HP12c ARM-based platform, it was reintroduced in 2011 as HP15c Limited Edition. It was 150 times faster than the original, but it had higher consumption and the batteries would last around 4 months or normal use.

The main capabilities were:

  • Up to 220 programming steps, with indirect register addressing, and 15 labels.
  • Up to 65 registers - tradeable agains programming steps and matrix size.
  • Matrix algebra including matrix multiplication, inversion (up to 8x8 size), and equation system solving.
  • Integration of arbitrary functions defined as a program
  • Solving of arbitrary functions defined as program.
  • The most complete set of mathematical functions, including trigonometrics, hyperbolics and its inverse, conversions rectangular to/from polar, combinations and permutations, and many others.
  • Register arithmetics: RCL+, RCL*, RCL-, RCL/
  • Complex stack (all 4 stack levels and the Last X register) and complex arithmetics and even transcendental functions!

​We have no HP15c calculator at this moment, but from time to time we have units available, either from the original model or the later Limited Edition - so book this page in favorites and return often!

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HP15c new self test

Self test procedure

If the calculator has two batteries this is normal and not indicative of any problems with the unit. To perform the self test on units with two batteries:
  1. Turn the calculator off.
  2. Press and hold the  and  keys; keep both keys held down for the next step.
  3. Press the  key so the  and  keys are held down simultaneously.
  4. Release the  key.
  5. Release the   key, followed by the  key. The main test screen displays the following: '1.L 2.C 3.H'.
    • Press  to perform the LCD test (all LCD segments will be turned on). Press any key to exit.
    • Press  to perform the checksum test and see the copyright messages. Press any key to go from one screen to the next until the main test screen, '1.L 2.C 3.H', is displayed again.
    • Press  to perform the keyboard test. Press EVERY key on the keyboard until all the keys have been pressed at least once. The screen will progressively turn off with each key press. Once all the keys have been pressed and the screen is clear, press any key to return to the test screen.
Press  to exit the test system. This will also turn the calculator off.
If the calculator detects an error at any point, it will display an error message.
For the HP 12c financial calculators with one battery, to perform the LCD self test:
  1. Turn the calculator off.
  2. Press and hold the  key, and simultaneously press and hold the  key.
  3. Release  then .
  4. After a few moments, all elements of the screen should be displayed. Press any key to exit.