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HP15c CE including Overlay 16c, Firmware change and Programming cable to avoid the DEC bug in HP16c feature, and change debouncing time from 80ms to 100ms to avoid double keys


  • HP15c Collectors Edition
  • Overlay 16c for the NOMAS 16c feature
  • Patching firmware to avoid the DEC bug in NOMAS 16c feature
  • 100ms debouncing time
  • Programming Cable

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This includes the following individual products

Product no.: HP-15c #INT_2

HP15c Collector's Edition: Enhanced version of the classic HP 15c with more memory and programming steps. 

1 piece(s)
129.99 *
Product data sheet
Product no.: Overlay16

Test Overlay for HP Voyager calculators

1 piece(s)
30.00 *
Product no.: POGOcable

POGO pin data cable for HP calculators: for HP12c (after 2015), HP15c CE, HP10bII+. 50% discount if you bought a HP15c Collector's Edition from us

1 piece(s)
40.00 *
Product no.: FlashVoyager

We offer the flashing of new firmware for the HP10bII+, HP12c (post 2015), HP15c

These calculators have a port that allows the user to flash a new firmware. For that, a special cable is needed.

1 piece(s)
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Test overlay for HP Voyager calculator Test overlay for HP Voyager calculator
30.00 € *
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