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POGO pin programming cable for HP calculators: for HP12c (after 2015), HP15c Collector's Edition, HP10bII+. Not valid for HP12c before 2015, HP15c Limited Edition: they use a serial RS232 protocol while this cable is USB

With switch box with two push-on buttons for the ERASE and RESET functions. 

Requires SAMBA programming software (Windows only) to operate. You can download it here:

For a detailed procedure to use it, please refer to this page: Flashing instructions:

In case of any doubt, please contact You can order with "Reserve Unit" as payment method

50% discount if you bought a HP15c Collector's Edition from us

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HP15C Collector's Edition HP15C Collector's Edition
129.99 € *

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12c Financial Calculator 12c Financial Calculator
from 64.95 € *
HP 10bII+ HP 10bII+
39.95 € *
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