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Available HP41CL units - and time modules!


Now we have three HP41CLs in stock.

Two of them have a v4 brain into it. They are updated with the latest circuit design from Systemyde, level v4, with the latest modules up to May.

Both of them are C models. One is a tall keys, made in 1980 and with the non-textured keyboard plate of the early machines. Excellent state. The price of this unit, which includes serial connector and cable, is 760 €.

The second is also a C model, from 1982, with normal keys but excellent keyboard and screen. It comes without serial connector or cable; The price of this unit is 625 €.

However, there is an additional opportunity: a CV model sporting a v3 circuit. This is from 2013, and therefore doesn’t have the modules that Systemyde has been programming since into HP41CL memories; however, the circuit is functionally equivalent, and you can always burn yourself the images you need with the included serial interface and cable. Another bonus - it comes with a rechargeable battery module in good shape, and for an additional 30 € you get the original Euro charger. The price of this unit is 470 €, 500 € with Euro charger included.

There is an additional discount of 25 € if you use the coupon enclosed in the newsletter that registered European users will receive.

On the other hand, there are a couple of Time modules available. There is one that comes with an English manual. The price is 150 €, although, if bought together with a HP41CL, there is an additional discount of 20 € (that can be accummulated with the coupon above)

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