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Eddie Shore's blog - now video tutorials


We have already discussed the blog of Eddie Shore several times in this blog. A customer of ours, we knew about him before he purchased a blue hp50g from us.

His written tutorials in the blog are excellent - provided you have the patience of going through it carefully and with attention. I have that patience, but many don’t. I am now thinking, for example, in my children. Probably video gaming has changed their brain and the way it relates with learning. They expect to get the knowledge infused, matrix-like, instead of making the effor of going through a subject. And don’t tell me they are not able to pay attention - try to divert their attention from the video game they’re playing at a given moment!

For that kind of learning, you need something more intrusive in your learner’s mind - you need video tutorials.

I have just gone through Eddie’s first two videos. One covers the basic RPN procedures in the HP Prime - the second, called RPN Mode Tutorial - Advanced functions, covers practically everything you need to get started with the HP Prime at a decent level. You can find it here:


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