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HP41c Repair book

We are in the final stages of writing a book on HP41 repair. We expect to have it finished by the end of September. In our experience you do not need to have any electronics knowledge to repair 80% of HP41's damages. The nature of many of these is either mechanic or bad connections due to corrosion. The focus of this book is on that 80%. It is written for those of you that wouldn't dare to repair your calculator before!

Here are some of the chapters:

  • HP41 models and versions
  • HP41 modes of failure - diagnostic
  • Opening and closing the calculator
  • Battery and ports replacement
  • Lower posts repair
  • Upper post repair
  • Calculator back screw support repair
  • Screen problems
  • Keyboard repair
  • Calculator testing

The target price will be 9,99€ for the kindle version a 2-3 € more for the print version, and will be sold through and on this website. I'll keep you posted through this channel. Do not hesitate to bring suggestions for additional content!

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