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Prime new firmware (II)

I am waiting to receive my first order for the SmartStream 410 and some Fourier probes. It will come with units of the newest version of the HP Prime - the so-called version B. This version has several hardware advantages that allow it to fully profit from the new firmware upgrade. In particular, it will allow full use of the wireless dongle, and will permit the professor to run the whole class from his computer.prime10

I have order a current meter and a multi-range voltmeter. This will convert the HP Prime into a mix of multimeter and oscilloscope of very low time resolution. Apparently, it can take up to 5000 samples per second, which means a resolution of up to 2500 hz (Nyquist-shannon sampling theorem, if I remember well!) This is very far from being of any use, except when fixing home power issues; but is perfect to teach youngsters about sinewaves, and to design some clever experiments that may be run by your kids. This is what I want to do with it.

If you have read my previous blog entries, you will know that I have a fantastic old digital oscilloscope from HP. With its HP-IB interface, I can control it from my HP85 - this is more than enough to cover all my technical requirements; but the Prime is really portable too.

I have not had time enough to report on the new firmware features, though. Enough to say that finally, I have been able to keep all my programs without problem, with the second version of the release. 

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