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The Psion Series 5 - part 1

psion_series_5mxI have found the first organizer I ever had - and it was not a HP machine. It was a Psion series 5. I finally found what was missing - the power supply. Now I have finally switched it on, and it works!

It has not been used since I received my first Blackberry, around 2003. I remember I did my personal accounting with it. It was the first machine to have the Symbian operating system, developed by the then called Psion, which later changed names. Symbian was one of the many outstanding British developments, which end up in nothing due to lack of marketing clout. (This deserves another blog post: discuss the many outstanding developments that come from British creativity - and I am not from the Islands!). Eventually, Symbian ended up being the operating system of Nokia phones. Somehow Nokia managed to spoil it too, as did with the rest of it.

As it was a gift, I received it with a wonderful Mulberry cover, in black, which which it could be used without taking it out. It also had a place for a pad - that was still required then.

Tomorrow I will post pictures of it all.

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