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New HP calculators: HP smartcalc 300s+ and HP10s+

HP smartcalc 300s+ and HP10s+

We have already commanded the new HP units. We have not received them yet, but all the information we have is very promising (for a non-RPN machine, that is)

Let's look at the most powerful of the 2: 300s+, compared with the previous Smartcalc300s (not to scale - I am not to good resizing pictures)


As you can see, there are some more features in the new calculator. some of them are:

  • Prime factorization
  • Whole number division
  • Fraction reduction
  • Decimal and hexadecimal conversions
  • Metric and imperial unit conversions
  • Table-based editor for statistical calculations
  • Simultaneous equations
We still do not have the final price for the new unit, but it will be very similar to the previous unit. We intend as well to offer a double pack: the old unit and the new one.
None of both, by the way, are RPN.
In a couple of days I will show you the new is time to go to bed.
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