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Buying 2 HP15c CE?

IMG_1046Why not? In my case it is easier than in others for obvious reasons. However, lately I had to do several conversions from Hexadecimal to Decimal - and while I can do them in the "Base" menu of the HP Prime, it is actually easier to use the HP16c to add, subtract and calculate.

However, every time I do it I need to reset the memory and programs of my HP15c. So far there are not that many - but I hate to rewrite them every time. So I took another HP15c, this time in HP16c mode, running with the DECbug patch and the HP16c overlay. I even have a different leather case for each. The HP16c is using the Bordeaux leather case - just to make sure that I reach for the right one in each case. Voilà!

At least one of our customers has done it too. You may read his comments in Makes full sense if you load your HP15c with lots of programs as we do!! 

[You can ask us to have it patched and tested for 25€ before shipping - please remember to order the Flashing Voyager article when ordering yours]

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Comments: 1

António Trindade |
RE: Buying 2 HP15c CE?
It's a nice idea!
I already ordered my second 15C CE with an 16C overlay and fixed bug to do just that. And a cable to flash my first 15C CE with the firmware from the second. :-) Just in case...
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