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HP Prime loading program procedure


I have been asked how to load programs in the HP Prime - apart from keying them in. in short steps:

  1. Download the HP connectivity kit (and HP Prime app, now that we're in business) from the site: HP Connectivity kit download


  • Install it in your computer. Be sure that you select the right version of your operating system. In my case it defaulted to Mac OS 10.1 - I changed it to the right MacOS version
  • Open it and connect your calculator to it. This connectivity kit also serves to update the calculator firmware, if it is not updated.


  • Go to, and navigate to the HP Prime programs that you want - there are many!


  • Choose the area and choose the program you want to download:


  • Click on "details" and on the file name:


  • Unzip the file in your computer
  • Read the .txt or the .pdf files - it is good practice!
  • Open the HP Prime. You will see applications and programs - it depends what you have downloaded
    • if the directory has the .hpappdir, drag it to the applications folder
    • hpcomm7
    • if it is a program, drag it to the programs folder:
  • And it is ready to run!! 


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