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Change in focus in reference to the HP41CL

I am slowing down the production of HP41CL these days. I am tired of buying HP41 units in such bad condition in Ebay that we're not able to make them work. It is a pity that I must be losing so much money in these calculators, bringing the HP41c conversion program to basically breakeven on variable costs alone.IMG_0232

I am still doing conversions on user-submitted units. The pleasure of reading again the "MEMORY LOST" message when a new HP41CL sees the light compensates the time spent in it. But then there is a slighly tedious work to configure it properly, initializing all services so that the user can load their modules from the beginning, without having to figure out how to do it.

It is a pity too that one has to spend so much to get a Time Module. There is no way now that you can get it from less than 120-140 €  (getting it for less in the US is a mirage - you will end up paying more between taxes and handling) I look forward to the moment Monte is able to offer it integrated in the main board! Then you'd have a supercomputer in the shape of a humble HP41c.

If you have a HP41c and you want to have it converted to CL status, please drop me a line to

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