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Cable VI - what you can do with it!


IMG_0346_en_tamano_medianoI have already had 3 customers that have purchased a HP12c (NOT HP15c CE !!) + the programming cable + HP16c overlay. 

You can guess what the plan is: to get a much cheaper HP16c in addition to their HP15c CE (which all three purchased before, with the newest firmware already fixing the DEC bug in HP16c.

Also, around 300 customers have purchased the cable to fix their firmware. While this is the original reason, these customers will profit of the cable in ways that we can only imagine. So far, when you rewrite the calculator firmware, you need to reset it and all programs and data previously introduced are lost.

However, the Atmel processor has other USB modes that can be used to back up the user memory, and restore it if needed. This opens the possibility for multiple configurations, and even HP15c "application pacs"

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Comments: 1

Manfred Huebener |
RE: Cable VI - what you can do with it!
Would it be feasible to transplant the keys and the bezel from a broken 1st generation HP 15c to a HP 12c, put the firmware of the HP 15c CE on it an turn it into some kind of a Franken-15c that way?
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