Software for HP50g

Software for HP50g

Pack of assorted programs for HP 50g - some in Spanish

Gamos for HP 50g 


Strength of Materials 



The best spreadsheet program for HP 50g



Programming utilities

Structural analysis

Tetris in the HP50g

 HP 38G, 39G, 48G,49G y 50G Emulators 

Standard Emulator 

Portable emulator (recommended)


Programming Tools

This is the best programming tool for HP49g and HP50g - if you want to program in UserRPL: 

HPUserEdit - latest version (link to the programmer's site)

It includes an emulator and you can configure it for several different languages. We will shortly update the tutorials page including several videos on programming user this powerful tool.

And this is the best programming tool - if you do not want to abandon your C !!

HPGCC version 3


An interesting page with some simple programs

Joe Horn's HP 50g and HP 49g's pages


And the best page of them all for HP 50g software


In the enclosed file you can find the latest ROM version with instructions for updating your calculator.