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A hint for the HP 41CL

If your HP41CL seems to lose the configuration after a low battery sign, or a change of batteries, and you are fearing to go through the whole installation procedure, do not fear! You don't need to do that. If you have assigned some keys using functions from a plugged in port, and you see XROM xx, do not worry: the memory loss has not been so big or so long as to lose the keys assignments, and therefore most likely the whole setting can be reinstated.

You just need to reenable the memory management: XEQ MMUEN. This will make the calculator again aware of the whole memory area. You can now use re-assigned keys and see that they keep the right function name on it.

This method does not work when you receive the dreaded "MEMORY LOST" message (below that of the HP41CL when it was born!)

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Comments: 2

Re: A hint for the HP 41CL
Sure. Just look in Ebay to see the prices they grab! For the time being I have enough units for several lifes. However, should Systemyde restart production of the HP41CL modules, I will contact you for more information!
C. John Hill |
new member wanting information
Hi there; I suddenly remembered my 2 HP 41 calculators sitting in the bottom of a drawer the other day and then came across this site, prompting me to enquire whether they had any value?

Serial no. for the 41C is 2004A00118 and it has a maths/stat module
Serial no. for the 41CV is 2637S23487 and it has no modules

I've no idea of their production age (but I know I bought the 41C in the early 1980s and the 41CV in the late 1980s).
I used to be a ship's engineer in the navy, so the 41C was used in this respect and also the 41CV was used for navigation calculations later on in life.
All the manuals, quick ref. guides, cases etc. are there and the 2 units battery terminals are corrosion-free (the 41CV terminals are very shiny), with all doors, covers and feet present. They've never been opened and a quick check with batteries loaded shows they still both work fine.
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