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News on HP Prime equipment

prime10There are already several beta users of the new firmware. I am not one of them, but what I have heard is that there are several features that were in the initial planning for the Prime, and it will help a lot in establishing it in the school market. I am now referring, in particular, to the wireless dongle.

I have been told that the initial samples of the wireless dongle will be sent within this month. The machines have been shipped to distributors, but not released yet to shops. It will be done together with the new firmware.

The wireless dongle will allow the professor to set up and control the students' calculators remotely. It can send tests, apps, control progress, and see all screens in the professor screen. This is a revolution in maths learning!

I look forward to receive as well the Smartstream and the voltage and ampere probes. Apparently, it does not have the same level of accuracy as a main-brand multimeter - like those of Agilent or Fluke, but there is not comparison on price between them. It allows to take up to 5000 samples per second, and therefore may serve as a very simple and slow oscilloscope - so that children can learn how waweforms are. With such computer power at hand, it will probably allow for a FFT app, so that a student could see how a waveform can be decomposed in different sinusoidal frequencies. Of course, with such a slow sampling frequency, there are not any professional uses that can be thought about it. However, there are other probes that could lead to professional use, while it was never the initial intention for the calculator.

As soon as we get our hands on both of these, you will be the first to know about it!

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