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IMG_1399If you browse this web with some frequence, you may have seen that there is an area about audio. This is my other passion. As such, I have bought during a number of years a lot of gear, but I have not bothered too much getting rid of it. I was keeping everything I had bought, saying to myself "I might need it here or there". But it is clear that you can only listen to only a sound system at a time. On the other hand, everything had been bought new, and it is hard seeing it sold for a fraction of what it initially was worth, even if it has not suffered any wear and tear like, say, a car.

These days I am putting in the website some of my past gear, used but in superb condition (not smoker, no fireplace, no cats or dogs, always used at reasonable sound levels). In particular, I have added the following gear:

  • A pair of Anthony Gallo Nucleus Solos loudspeakers
  • A pair of Anthony Gallo Strada loudspeakers
  • Musical Fidelity KW500 amplifier
  • Stax SRD-X electrostatic earphone energizer
  • An Audioquest Dragonfly v. 1.0 USB DAC

In the near future, I will add some more gear:

  • A SACD/DVD Philips 963 player.
  • A SACD/DVD Sony DVP 9000 player, extensively modified by Vacuumstate (Level 6)
  • A pair of AKG 701 headphones with its original box

In some future blogs I will talk about some of them.

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