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All first batch's shipping is over!!

The early orders for the HP15c Collector's Edition have all been shipped. From now on, it is business as usual - normal ordrs coming in and out.

705 orders have been fulfilled for a total of 937 calculators. Several people decided to take 2 or more calculators, profiteering from the discount for more than 5 and more than 10 units built into the price structure.

And in many cases the customers have already received them. We did not use the postal system, just courier companies, with typical delivery lapses of 2-3 days within Europe. 


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Comments: 1

Robert Walsh |
RE: All first batch's shipping is over!!
My new HP 15C arrived safely to my house yesterday evening. It looks great, thank you very much for getting this amazing machine out in the world again. Now to put it through its paces and check out these new features.

Robert (Ireland)
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