The new HP41c from Swissmicro

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The new HP41c from Swissmicro

These days we have changed our web server. This was the reason that we had the website down for half a day during the morning of last Wednesday. I hope that the increase speed can provide a better site navigation. I also apologize in case you wanted to enter and could not do it.

Coming back to business: I have received a mail from the friends at, the ones that provided the credit card-sized HP15c. I have a couple of units of an early version; later versions were much better made and good looking.

The message was to announce the creation of the HP41c in exactly the same format. It can use alphanumerics, comes with a proper clock (so you don’t need the time module - it is included) and it even has overlays for stopwatch and others. I look forward to get some units. You can find it here:

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