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Different behavior between different number formats in RPN mode in Home


As you may remember if you follow this blow, yesterday we reviewed Eddie Shore’s Tutorial videos.

I was trying to follow Eddie Shore’s video tutorial on Advanced RPN functions on the Prime. I wanted to do it since I get many errors when trying to use CAS functions in home (since i much prefer RPN)

As I am “mainland European”, I use “,” as decimal point. I have chosen space as thousands separator.

An example Eddie uses is factoring 76 in RPN

When I enter, as in the video:

76 - level 1

CAS.ifactor(1) edit line

I get syntax error, while Eddie does not.

Checking what could be the error, I change number format to decimal point instead. Now it works (and there was no decimal point in sight)

In the past, I also had several problems with odd number formats in apps that used solver. If I was using a number format with a space as thousands separator, it would not work and hang the machine. However, this error was solved several firmware updates before, and has not been an issue already for a long time.

I have already reported this error to someone in HP.

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