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More news on the HP15c...

The HP15c is still going strong but until further notice, there are only 105 units left. Basically 90% of the turnover of the last month belongs to this calculator model. 


In the past, there were huge libraries of programs for the HP41c, but very limited for the HP15c. I encourage you to send us files and we will re-create such library in our website


There are some new developments in the emulator area - in particular related to the HP15c. As we're testing beta versions, we will not show them yet; but here's an screenshot. It will allow to import programs written in text, so that will be the way of storing them in our database.


As a Mac user, I was disappointed that HP did not provide a copy of it in the HP15c package. I have it installed on my Parallel's Windows emulation, but I wanted to have it native as well.




There is still some work to be done on the appearance side - while so far I was not able to detect any bug (Not that I have been testing thoroughly)

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Jose de la Parte |
Re: More news on the HP15c...
I strongly recommend you to become an owner of a hp 15C. Mine is from 1884 and I am a 15Caholic. It is really good news that the 15C is back. I would have not modified the original design but it is better than nothing. Do not miss this train. Perhaps the next one is not passing till 2032. Regards from Spain.
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