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Number theory and HP Prime


I have been discussing how to help our children in number theory with the hp41cl and helped with powerful packages like Sandmath. However, no matter how much I like it, I can agree that it is not a reasonable idea to lend a 41cl to your son - even if he’s 40 already. That’s what student calculators are made for.

So I started to try to do the same things with the HP Prime. It also has the advantage of color and tactile screen, which always helps when working with children.

Here are some of the functions that were helpful in my children’s homework:

Idivis(integer): gives a list of all the divisors of an integer. Can be also applied to lists!

Idivis(24)= [1,2,3,4,6,8,12,24]

Ifactor(integer): gives a decomposition of an integer in prime numbers.

Ifactor(24)= [23*3]

Ifactors is very similar, but returns a list with the prime factors followed by their frequency. This one admits a list as argument, while the former doesn’t!

Ifactors(24)= [2,3,3,1]

Then, the typical problems they’re doing during this term involve finding the greatest common divisor and the lowest common multiple:

Gcd(24,36)= 12

Lcm(24,36)= 72

There are others related to prime numbers (shouldn’t prime numbers be the forte of the Prime calculator?): isprime(), nextprime(), prevprime(), ithprime() (which returns the nth prime below 10.000). Good enough for you children to check all their results in number theory!

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