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Fourier Probes

DSC_0007We’re filling in data in the website about the Fourier probes for the HP SmartStream 410. Both are part of HP’s plan to recover the educational market that was lost to Texas due to several factors - one of them, the direction of HP of that time towards the higher end, the engineers and the high level financial users. But they forgot that the children end up being professionals - and that market is nearly lost too.

Well, coming back to the probes. These are interesting equipment if you want to set up a lab for the school kids. Lets see some of the probes that we’re getting in the first batches:

  • Current, 250 mA
  • Current, 2,5 A
  • Voltage, multi range (from 2,5v to 25v)
  • SPL sensor
  • Microphone
  • Termocouple for temperature measures
  • Acceleration
  • PH meter
  • humidity meter
  • Force meter
  • Luminosity
  • Distance
  • Electrostatic charge
  • Magnetic field

All of them are automatically detected by the system Prime-Smartstream, and can stream up to 5700 samples per second (this is enough to monitor up to 2,85 kHz waveforms). A special cable is required to link them with the machine, but they come with cables for the probe itself (the part that gets in contact with the thing to be measured)

Once we have the whole system set, we will try to run a comparison with a system a little bit older: an HP41CL, linked through HP Il with a HP 3468A multimeter. That’ll be fun: the superior speed of the new system, against the professional quality of HP of the ‘80s.

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