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New products in development - part 1

We are finalizing the design of three different products. As they are not fully prepared, we'll show them in 3D printing form. We will present it during three blog installments.



  1. A second alternative for the battery-ports module. The normal one has a couple of holes to house the little domes where the screws heads are supported. These are usually broken, and we have developed another piece (the brokenback piece) that is used to repair-replace these domes. However, this is a double task in a way, and Ignacio Sánchez thought about joining both into one, and gluing it to the back of the calculator. This makes the repair permanent - which in a way is risky. With this new design, you need to grind off the rest of the two domes, and just glue the battery module on top. Resistance is excellent, since there is a much wider surface to adhere. You can see it in the drawing below: the left design is the new one, with a flat surface that allows for full contact with the base. Initial tests have proven successful.



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