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The HP10bII+ - a different animal from previous models

10bII_Hero_Shot_-_Hi_ResThis is the most inexpensive financial calculator from HP. A descendent just in name from several versions of HP10b, it has been thoroughly improved, using all three functions of most keys to give it a much wider range of functions than any other - including many scientific ones. Even trigonometric functions! It also includes a simple solver to perform breakeven calculation - something I have been programming as solver in my HP17bII and HP19bII+ units always!

The feature set is really impressing - as a student you really can't ask for more in a non-scientific calculator. Far, far better than the previous inceptions of the same calculator. You have trigonometrics and hyperbolics, combinations and permutations, many statistic functions including regression, and then Time Value of Money, bonds, breakeven, date functions, cashflow analysis, markup and markdown, etc.

Both screen and keyboard quality are high, and it looks professional too. It is based also on a SOC (system on a chip), of the Atmel family.

It doesn't have RPN, though - its only flaw in our view! Ideal for a gift or as an inexpensive calculator to be at another desk.

The price is 30 € plus shipping.

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