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Next developments for the HP15c CE

The enhancements I foresee for the HP15c have to do with the cable and firmware posibilities:

- Backup and restore user memory

- Some kind of memory manipulation of the user memory file, so that it can be used in other software like Thorsten Manz's fantastic HP15c. 

Both things together can create an ecosystem for the HP15c. So far, entering a program was cumbersone and had to be done each time. With backup and resotre, + memory editing outside of the calculator, you will be able to exchange software between users - and development and use will skyrocket compared with having to enter any single program yourself. 

Let's see. I have heard that there are already firmware prototypes to do that.


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Comments: 3

John Hind |
RE: Next developments for the HP15c CE
If there is any chance of making the firmware do more with USB than just a serial boot loader, it is a huge pity the designers did not just put a USB-C socket in the battery box instead of that custom pad matrix. I am wondering if that could be fixed with a custom battery door - designed in from the start it could easily have fitted internally, but as an afterthought it would have to protrude a little out the back
Michael Stilmant |
RE: Next developments for the HP15c CE
Hello, interesting. I was thinking that the HP15c could remains on my desk. Once plug on a dedicated stand the connection could be bluetooth and content of the HP15c sync with the simulator on my phone. Also on the phone I can select some program to upload on the HP15c or simply access to the stack. Very nice idea indeed.
Re: Next developments for the HP15c CE
Good point! Something could be done so that the calculator can be connected and be stable too. There may be other calculators sharing the same hardware.
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