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HP official news about Prime!

HP Unveils Touch-enabled HP Prime Graphing Calculator

HP today introduced the HP Prime Graphing Calculator, an innovative, multi-touch LCD, full color graphing calculator that will excite math enthusiasts and gadget lovers alike.  The sleek new design puts the power of touch-enabled calculations in the palm of your hand.


The Power of Touch

HP Prime is the first color touch screens in the industry that today’s gadget savvy students can easily interact with. Using HP Prime, students can manipulate complex graphs and geometric images intuitively on the touchscreen.  


Students using the HP Prime will benefit from tools and applications that take graphing calculators to a whole new level. The integrated tool suite includes features such as the Advanced Graphing app, which allows you to graph almost anything in x and y including inequalities, and a powerful Computer Algebra System (CAS) that can perform computations in a spreadsheets.  


The combination of the sleek, brushed metal and touch screen with the reliable HP design and feel makes HP Prime a welcome disruption to the outdated stylus and button-based options in the market to-date. 



The HP Prime Connectivity Kit opens the door for an integrated HP education experience. Students, teachers, or parents can connect the calculator to a PC via USB or  wirelessly via a wireless connectivity kit which will be sold separately. This allows students to create, edit, and send apps, programs, notes and more to the HP Prime from their PC. If a student forgets to bring the HP Prime home for homework, the PC-based emulator ensures all assignments are completed by replicating the calculator’s function and user interface with an easy-to-use Window-based software.


·   The HP Prime Graphing Calculator is expected to be available worldwide in the Fall of 2013.

Please enjoy the super-big picture below!!! (Note: you need to scroll to the right A LOT! It is a very big image and the calculator is in the centre of it)



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