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HP Prime: more information

Starting to get information on the HP Prime…
for those of you teachers, this is really a new paradigm. It is intended to help you explore the mathematical world. It provides an easy shift in the mathematical representation of things: from the CAS, symbolic view, to the numerical view, at the flip of a button.
In this case, the multitouch screen really makes sense. You can click on any item in your history list, and it will be taken to the command line.
It comes with apps classified in four different families:
  • 5 graphing apps (blue) to explore graphs –including the new Advanced Graphing App!
  • 2 Special apps (red): the Geometry app and the Spreadsheet app
  • 4 Statistics Apps (purple) for descriptive and inferential statistics and data collection
  • 4 Solver Apps (orange) for solving specific types of problems (triangles, finance, etc.)
  • 3 Explorer Apps (green) for investigating a function’s equation and its graph
We will come back later to see the difference between the first one and the last.
I am just waiting for the opportunity to get a demo sample to work with it…
I will also report about its suitability in the real world (apart from school). The pictures seen show that it will have an excellent keyboard, and it can be programmable for most business and engineering tasks.
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