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Suggestions for a change in HP17bII+

Due to my job I have to use more often financial calculators. Due to my education, I am more inclined to scientific calculators. Of course, I want to have both.

I have (as many of you) several calculators that I use frequently. 

I love the menu scheme of the hp19b and hp17b families. If you are not into maths but business, you can't go wrong with either of them.


(Picture: the HP17bII family)


And the HP19bII


I love the 3 lines of the stack in the screen, that allow you to see what you had been doing before (why the HP17bII does not act like the HP42s, where you can operate with both lines showing x and y registers?)

But more than these additional lines, I love the additional math-related menues, that allow trigonometrics and even Hyperbolics. With these, and wihtout the need of doing complex programming (I mean, beyond what can be provided by the very powerful solver), I can live with the HP19bII for nearly all my calculator needs.

Fact is: the 19bII is quite cumbersume and uses a lot of expensive desk real estate. Moreover, it uses N-type batteries, which are expensive and not found everywhere.

The question is: would it be too difficult to enhance the math menues of the 17bII+ with the additional math functions provided in the 19bII? There are no changes to be made on the body (which is very good on keyboard feedback when compared with the previous model, and on par with the new one), and not even in the key layout.  It is just redesigning the math menu (perhaps with an additional depth level) to take care of these.

I know that the current versions use different processors and therefore it is not a direct port - but probably current software is as well emulated in some way. 


This would help to keep the HP17bII+ at the top of the financial food chain. Now, there is the menace of the 30b (with much lower apparent body quality, but programmable and with Black&Scholes functionality) and even of the lowish HP10bII (wich is a fantastic calculator, except for the lack of RPN.


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