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new firmware 8151 for HP Prime


I have been the last week on holidays, far far north, and I have been quite disconnected from the HP world for the period.

Well, there is a new firmware available. It was issued on June 17th, nd its release number is 8151. It also includes a new connectivity kit and virtual calculator too. It doesn’t offer substantially improved functionality, since it is mostly oriented to clear bugs and inconsistent behavior of the different apps, both in CAS and home modes.

You need to use you connectivity kit. Normally, you will be prompted to upgrade the firmware of the connected calculators, but if not, you can do it through the right button click on the calculator identifier in the Comms kit.

In my case, the download was started without prompting, and it takes 54 MB. There have been stories about slow HP server, even with fast connections - and it seemed to me slower than most downloads, although not too much.

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