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Very satisfied
from on 4/11/2022
very beautiful too!, i installed the latest firmware, everything work perfect, some possibility. I was hesitant to buy it, but since the G2 version and the new firmware, an excellent tool that becomes more powerful and with ease of handling.
from on 7/23/2021
The product is very nice and works well. It has great build quality, is very fast and powerful.
The screen is okay but not great, still useable (the viewing angle is not that good, also from what I know they used the screen upside down in the calculator so that’s why).

Overall I am pleased with my purchase.
Excellent. Just right
from on 2/21/2021
Delighted to receive the Prime promptly to Ireland from the Calculator Store particularly in these difficult times.
The calculator is relatively easy to use and a pleasure to explore. Other calculators may claim to be more powerful but are so complicated that it is easy to forget how to operate them if not used for some time. That is my experience with the TI 89 and I'm sure the HP50g is not that different. That is not the case with the Prime as its logical.
My maths understanding has increased as a result. The support material in the site is also very helpful.
The speed of the graph plotting is awesome and the ability of the touch screen to zoom and change scale makes it worth it for those alone.
I am learning about connectivity and downloading apps created on the emulator and thats before I even start learning about programming.
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