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Blue and White Colour Scheme

The Blue HP50g is back! 

After some time without stocks, we have located several lots of this calculator model. Its lively colours are outstanding when compared with the professional but boring black. No more questions in class about whose is the calculator - the blue is yours!

Equal to the black model in everything but colour.

Only available in Spanish-Portuguese (starting guide - the computer as such is in english as the rest of HP50g)


Almost all messages (around 1.600) of the operating system of the calculator can be translated to another language. These are some screenshots of a calculator where almost all messages show up in French.

FrenchMessages01.gif FrenchMessages02.gif

FrenchMessages03.gif FrenchMessages04.gif

You can see here a video of the MultiLanguagePack:


Also the constant library is translated, and the menus as well:

FrenchMessages05.gif FrenchMessages06.gif

But we think that the most significant advancement of the pack is its treebuilder feature. How many times have you lost time, looking for an equation lost in your file system? And, even when found, did you remember how it worked, and what each variable stood for? Which operating conditions is that equation valid for?

The solution is the Treebuilder: you can prepare your own sets with explanations, and ordered as you want. You can create programs with these menus and even libraries to be further distributed ( a professor can distribute his lessons in an equation tree set)

Please take a look at the video below:


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