Thiel College Tutorials

Thiel College Tutorials


Introduction to HP50g Programming





Section 1 - What is a Program? 
     Exercise Set 1

Section 2 - Stack Manipulation 
     Exercise Set 2

Section 3 - Editing and Debugging

Section 4 - Variables, Input, Output4 
     Exercise Set 4

Section 5 - Branching 
     Exercise Set 5

Section 6 - Looping 
     Exercise Set 6

Section 7 - Flags 
     Exercise Set 7

Section 8 - Arrays 
     Exercise Set 8

Section 9 - Procedures 
     Exercise Set 9

Section 10 - Recursion 
     Exercise Set 10



Thiel College's Lessons on HP50g utilization

Lesson 1
   Introduction and 
  Basic Operations

Lesson 2
  Functions and Tables

Lesson 3
  Introduction to Graphing

Lesson 4
  More Graphing:
  Choosing the Graph Window

Lesson 5
  Power and Exponential

Lesson 6
  Trigonometric and 
  Hyperbolic Functions

Lesson 7
  Bisecion Method

Lesson 8
  Finding and Graphing 

Lesson 9
  Connectivity and Backup

Lesson 10
  Finding Zeros and 

Lesson 11
  Newton's Method

Lesson 12
  Slope Fields

Lesson 13
  Sigma Notation

Lesson 14
  Definite Integral

Lesson 15
  Trapezoidal Rule
  and Simpson's Rule

Lesson 16
  Graphs of Areas

Lesson 17

Lesson 18

Lesson 19

Lesson 20
  Taylor Polynomials

Lesson 21
  Graphing Parametric

Lesson 22
  Polar Coordinates
  and Graphs

Lesson 23
  Random Numbers 
  and Custom Menus

Lesson 24
  Function Agreement

Lesson 25
  Basic Vector Operations

Lesson 26
  Cylindrical and 
  Spherical Coordinates

Lesson 27
  Vector Calculus

Lesson 28
  Multivariate and
  Complex Functions

Lesson 29
  3 Dimensional Graphics

Lesson 30
  The Matrix Writer 
  and Matrix Arithmetic

Lesson 31
  The Matrix Menus

Lesson 32
  Solving Polynomials

Lesson 33
  TOOL and STACK Menus

Lesson 34
  Working with Units

Lesson 35


Differential Equations

Lesson 1
   Separable Variables

Lesson 2
  First Order Linear Equations

Lesson 3
  Bernoulli Equations

Lesson 4
  Nth Order Linear Equations

Lesson 5
  Systems of First Order
   Linear Equations



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Put HP's ultimate graphing calculator to use. Perfect for surveying, engineering, math and science professionals and students. Make use of a powerful SD card slot. Work how you like with RPN4, Textbook and algebraic entry-system logic. Enjoy lots of usable space on the largest, high-contrast screen. Utilize USB and serial connectivity3, HP Solve5, structured programming and Computer Algebra System (CAS).


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