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Some tips on iPad

Just a short tip: if you’ve been attracted to replacing your main computer with an iPad, but found it too cumbersome to work with (mainly editing your work), please give a chance to the new operating system, and in particular the improvements brought to Athens keyboard.

Now, if you press with two fingers for a very small period, the whole keyboard is converted in a trackpad, that can help you to move across the screen.

If you press a little bit longer, you enter in selection mode: you can properly copy and paste much more comfortably within with the previous firmware.

Predictively has improved too, but beware of choosing the right language. I have to write frequently in English, French and Spanish, apart from some Portuguese; and if you enter the wrong language, you will not get a single word right. Really painful.

Have I noticed also an improvement in Siri? I had condemned her to ostracism in its previous form, but now I’m really considering using her more!

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