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HP Prime Firmware Update


Dear Customers,

Last week HP issued the awaited firmware update to the HP Prime. It fixes a number of known bugs, and it increases sbustantially the coherence and consistence of several calculator behaviours.

To get the update, you need to open the connectivity kit (which will also be upgraded), and select "Check for Update" in the Help menu. The system will connect to the right HP server, and download both the connectivity kit upgrade and the firmware upgrade. If everything runs ok, you just need to follow the instructions to get the connectivity kit upgraded.



To upgrade now the HP Prime, you need to connect it to your computer, open the connectivity kit, right-click in the calculator name, and choose ”upgrade firmware”, which is the last item in the menu. Just wait. As always, it is good advice to back up your calculator contents prior to the upgrade, just in case anything goes wrong. But in my case, the calculator kept all the programs, settings and apps that I had created or modified.

With this firmware update, the calculator just works better. The screen fonts seem sharper, nicer than the originals. (I might be imagining all this, but I don't think so).This may have to do with a different setting of the aliasing of the fonts. I remember a post by Tim Wessman on the subject on

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