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3D side cover


It has been a long time since the last time I wrote in this blog. Since then, we have been occupied designing new pieces - some of which are still in the development phase. We will come back to these when we have tested them. But today we would like to introduce you to the Side Cover.

Side cover

The 3D piece uses a different production method, using the new HP 3D printers that will revolutionize the industry. The surface quality is much better than the common nylon, and although it is blacker than the original model, it looks the part and can be used without problems in the calculators. Also, dimensionally is much better than the other examples we have seen in Shapeways! It took some effort and a lot of measuring to get a cover that fits so well on my HP.

Price-wise, the way we produce it allows us to maintain a very competitive price: 6 EUR each + shipment.

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