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Zebra connectors for HP

While waiting for the side cover 3D model with a new texture, we have received the samples of another HP41c repair item that has given us a lot of headaches: the zebra connector between the full-nut circuit and the main body. As in many of this things, it is due to the effort of Ignacio Sánchez to find a proper supplier in China. We have received the first shipment and he will throughly test it with a difficult HP41cv. We will report on the results and put it on sale for you DIYers!

The zebra connector has two different models: the initial one, where both sides were united by a plastic membrane, and had good repairability if it wasn't corroded, and the newer "white-green" gummy-like connector. Once it was detached from the circuit, this latter usually didn't work again. This is the one we're aiming to replace.

Stay tuned for news about the first repairs performed with it! We'll post the results here and in

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