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The life goes on...

During these days, while all HP-distributing websites are scrambling to put together a couple of screens to take advanced orders for products for which they even do not have samples to test, we have decided NOT to do it until we know for sure _when_ we will be actually shipping the items.

What we know is that this is a product we've been wainting for long, and for which there is a huge number of persons that has shown interest. We do respect them, we will not tell them stories, we will keep them informed through the newsletter (for registered users) and we will do our best to satisfy them. For sure they will get a better deal than the non-registered user.

Meanwhile, there are other HP-related developments that we are not focusing on. We have talked about the wp34s - now is probably the turn of the HP41CL.

This is an extremely interesting development: taking an HP-41C calculator (of which there are more than 1 million out there, and taking into account HP's legendary reliability, a high % of them still alive), putting there a new processor that emulates the old one at much faster speeds, add in many modules, shake it and serve it cool.

Please find enclosed a post by none other than Geoff Quickfall about the calculator:

HP 41CL,

It brings me back to my 20's.

I will not subject my HP41cx to surgery - but I am looking for a 41c to be CL'ed. 

Apparently, the initial production run is over and we need to wait for further plans (Monte, please chime in if not true); but I will buy a board for myself when available, for sure!

Here is the presentation made in HHC 2010:


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