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Upper Post Repair part
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Piece to repair HP41c series upper screw posts (tested with both fullnut and halfnut versions)

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from Walter on 03/17/2023
Beim Bohren der alten Stege ist große Vorsicht geboten, dann ist alles ganz einfach.
Die Schrauben drücken die Gehäusehälften wieder zuverlässig zusammen
Nicely done
from Anonymous on 01/01/2022
Very precise work, which helps recovering some of my oldies ....
great product, super helpful.
from ppl4world on 09/02/2021
Nice product that fits well inside the calculator. Extends the life of my HP41C.
from Anonymous on 02/27/2021
didn't have to fix upper posts so far
from Markus Niederöst on 09/07/2020
I didn't have to fix the upper posts so far.
Based on its design and my very positive experience with the lower posts repair part, I guess that this one will fit perfectly, too.
Worked great for me
from Michael Markowski on 03/18/2020
My HP-41C fullnut calculator had a right upper screw post with damaged threads that wouldn't allow the long screw to be tightened. I replaced both upper posts with this part and the calculator now works again after 32 years. Tip: Two short No. 2 pencils work great to protect the keyboard keys from clamp/peg pressure while gluing.
La maquina es muy buena herramienta
from Enrique Garcia Sanz on 08/03/2019

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