HP 48GX in box

HP 48GX in box

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HP 48GX in box, nearly "as new", with sealed case and manuals

Hewlett-Packard 48GX Scientific Graphing Calculator
  • CPU clock frequency: 3.7 to 4 MHz
    • Some claim that the frequency varies according to temperature [1]
    • According to one of the engineers on the design team of the HP48G series (Dave Arnett), the yields for 4MHz CPUs were essentially separated into two parts: the ones closest to spec, generally near 3.93-3.94MHz, were reserved for the expandable models (GX), and those just slightly under spec were used for the non-expandable units (G). Eventually the yields improved and the CPUs which clocked closer to 4MHz were installed in the non-expandable units as well. The effects of (non-extreme) temperatures are almost negligible.[citation needed]
  • Memory clock frequency: 2 MHz
  • CPU codename: Yorke
  • Communication Protocol(s): Serial Transfers: Kermit (protocol) or Xmodem; Infrared Transfers: proprietary
  • On-board ROM: 512 kB
  • On-board RAM: 128 kB (G+/GX)
  • Maximum additional memory for expansion card port 1: 128 kB
  • Maximum additional memory for expansion card port 2: 4 MB (128 kB addressable at any given time via bank switching)
  • Other communication protocols: XModem
  • ROM versions: K, L, M, P, R


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