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New modules for HP41CL and some changes

There are new images and modification to old images in the memory of the HP41CL processor.

Monte told me that Angel Martin had modified some of their modules. I hope he has changed the behavior of the %T function in Sandmath - at least that was the plan. But there are also some new modules.

You can see the list of modules and their position in the system memory in the official memory reference of the HP41CL. you can find it here:

The new modules created are:

Tides ROM

US Ports ROM, pages 1 and 2

HP Calendar Solutions

Steam Properties ROM

Poker Rom

HP16C Emulator ROM (all 4 blocks)

And changes on the Focal assembly ROM, Sandmath 44, the memory functions ROM YFNF, the ubiquitous Library–4, the 41CL Library functions, the Flash YCRC database and, of course, the 41CL Image database.

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