Customer ratings for Assembled HP-41c battery bay and expansion ports module

Assembled HP-41c battery bay and expansion ports module
Product no.: Flex-PCB Assembled
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Assembled module for the often damaged flexible PCB in the battery bay (and I/O ports) of the HP-41c range of calculators. Shipping included in price for EU customers.

New price: cheaper circuit translating to 10% lower price!

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Number of ratings: 25
Average rating: 4.8
Worked perfectly
from Hart on 27/04/2021
Although it took 3 weeks for the package to arrive in Reno, NV from Spain, it was well worth the wait because it worked like a charm. I downloaded the instructions and the replacement part was surprisingly easy to change out. My early 1980's vintage HP41CV started up immediately. Thanks!
from rolpat on 27/02/2021
Based on the description it was quite easy to exchange the part. Take care when loosen and tighten the screws, since they go into plastics which is in my case already 35 years old. Now everything works again.
I was able to restore my HP-41C I couldn't find anyelse to do the repair.
from David E. Hendrick on 13/02/2021
The module was easy to install once I opened the case.
The extra screws I bought helped also. The computer is now functional and I am entering my Astronomy program into the HP-41C "Setting Circles for Dobsonian Telescopes."
from David Garcia on 27/01/2021
Perfecto en calidad, plazo de entrega y factura.
Totalmente recomendable.
Perfect in quality, delivery time and invoice
Exactly what expected
from CELMA on 05/01/2021
Very happy with the over quality of the module. It saved my HP41CX.
from Piero Zaccaria on 14/12/2020
Perfect product, it permit a completely restoring of all functions, modules included!
from Charles on 29/11/2020
perfect fit for the repair of my damaged battery bay and expansion board, also purchased new feet as the old ones were breaking down
from Anonymous on 27/11/2020
I found that even properly installed, the adhesive on the flex adhesive-only retrofit would let go causing anomalies in operation. This retained flex design has started nicely stable. Time will tell if it approaches the quality of the HP design. I am optimistic that it will.
from Neil on 20/11/2020
The part arrived within a week and worked perfectly. Was an easy and quick fit as all four case screws came out without damage to the plastic posts. I can now use the 41CV's expansion ports again as the original part was damaged by a battery leak. My fault for not checking them for ages.
1st class spare part
from Anonymous on 10/08/2020
Part was foreseen for a HP 41 CX. Calculator is working again by 100%. Excellent !! Will order for further repairs this part only.
Very good
from Olaf on 09/05/2020
Bought my HP41C in 1980 and it worked till 1,5 .years ago. Corrosion distroyed the battery contacts. Replaced it now with the assembly kit. The whole work was dony within some minutes and the device works great again (also with many different modules). Thanks a lot, great job.
As good as the original
from Michael Markowski on 18/03/2020
I ordered this because I wanted to spare myself the agony of assembling the flex PCB to the module, and I'm glad I did. This worked great in my 40 year old HP-41C fullnut calculator and now it will last another 40 years with brand new battery contacts!
from Kurt on 06/03/2020
very good spare part. Insert and the calculator works perfectly.
from Duncan on 10/02/2020
from Greg Bolt on 22/08/2019
Great product, helping us to keep these classics alive.
Perfect fit
from Christof Ullwer on 08/02/2019
One of the battery contacts in my HP-41C was corroded, unfortunately, and could not be cleaned or restored to make reliable contact. I replaced the old part with the new assembly kit and it is a perfect fit. The device is restored to working order again, the battery and the modules connect properly to their respective contacts.
top notch
from Lars A Grønningsæter on 31/01/2019
It's fantastic that someone makes this replacement part fully assembled! (More details when I'm ready, since I'm recuperating from an operation. Also
it looks like more is broken on my HP41CV)
Thank you very much for now!
Good experience with the Assembly kit for battery bay and expansion ports
from Clay Fisher on 15/12/2018
I bought my HP-41c new in 1982 and used it for a few years in school. The calculator stopped working years ago due to a couple of bad contacts. I recently decided I didn't want to throw it away after all these years so I I bought and installed the 'Assembly Kit for HP-41c battery bay and expansion ports' from The Calculator Store. Delivery took 2-3 weeks from Spain but installation was very straightforward and the calculator now works great.
Product OK, a bitter long to receive
from Guarisco Fabrizio on 31/10/2018
Not mounted, problem is the CPU
Product OK, a bitter long to receive
from Fabrizio on 16/10/2018
the product is ok but the wait time (more than a month) not
from Anonymous on 12/08/2018
Perfect replacement! I have used it multiple times for repairing different HP-41 types where there wre partially or even fully corroded batterie contacts and I could always restore full functionality with respect to battery contact as well as extension ports.
from Avery on 18/06/2018
Very well made part, it fits perfectly and the calculator is running again. I use my HP41 very often and I am very happy about the repair that would not have been possible without this part. Many thanks to for this great spare part.
from Anonymous on 13/02/2018
TheCalculatorStore has taken a long time and performed a lot of testing to refine and make these HP41 repair and replacement products. They work as advertised and have helped me bring a few old and tired HP41s back to life. Thank you Jose and the rest of the team.
perfect it's working
from Anonymous on 16/11/2017
upper screw heads where damaged so i have to order also the Piece for repairing HP41c back cases., anyway it's a good product !
Excellent work.
from Anonymous on 14/08/2017
I started buying the flexible PCB, but didn't do such a good work on the assembly part!!! This kit avoid any misfortune...