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The standard in scientific calculators. The line starting on the hp 35 - hp 65 - hp 67 - hp 41c - hp 15c - hp 35s is the workhorse of the scientific and engineering profession since 1973. RPN programming and key entering makes them extremely fast to use when compared with algebraic entry, and just 15' with it will spoil you for life.

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Complete HP41CL

HP41CL with the latest version of Systemyde circuit

650.00 *
In stock

New WP34s Package

Pack to create a WP34s, composed of an adhesive overlay and a HP30b, flashed with the latest stable version of the software created by Paul Dale and Walter Bonin. There is a 10 € contribution to the project for each calculator sold

We cannot guarantee the freedom of the software from bugs of any kind. However, we will re-flash it free of charge as many times as needed - shipping back and forth to be borne by the customer.

We are shipping now the version 3.0 with new overlays

80.00 *

HP 35s Scientific Calculator

Get professional performance from the ultimate RPN scientific programmable calculator. Switch between RPN1 and algebraic entry-system logic at any time. The HP 35s features a two-line display, and the powerful HP Solve2 application.

54.90 *

New HP300s+

Product no.: NW277AA

The new HP scientific calculator, with advanced features like simultaneous equations, GCF/LCM, advanced statistics with easy tabular data entry, and up to 315 different functions


17.00 *

New HP10s+

Product no.: NW276AA

User-friendly design, easy-to-read display and a wide range of algebraic, trigonometric, probability and statistics functions for your Math and Science classes


10.90 *

Pack Scientific Mini

Product no.: Pack scientific mini

Pack with the three latest scientific calculators from HP: 

  • HP10s+
  • HP300s+
  • hp35s

​Transport included in price to all EU

91.00 *

New New calcs collector's pack - HP10s+ & HP300s+

Product no.: New calcs collector pack
30.00 *

New Scientific Calc Collector's Pack

Product no.: Scientific Pack

Here is the Scientific Collector's Pack. The special item is the wp34s, based on HP30b hardware.

The pack is composed of:

  • HP10s+
  • HP300s+ Smartcalc
  • HP35s
  • WP34s (based on HP30b hardware, including overlay)


171.00 *

HP41CL Install

Product no.: HP41CL Instalación

Installation and set up of HP41CL module in your HP41C, CV or CX

425.00 *
In stock

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